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Media HyperAtlas: An Immersive Taxonomy
In Spring 2004, W. J. T. Mitchell, Eduardo de Almeida, Rebecca Reynolds, and Andrew Mall authored a grant application on behalf of The Chicago School of Media Theory for the development of an immersive environment for modeling relationships between media. In June, CSMT was awarded an ATI (Provost's Program for Academic Information Technology) Grant for the development of the Media HyperAtlas, a virtual media taxonomy.

The Committee for the Media HyperAtlas, formerly know as the Hypercube Taxonomy Model, consists of Mal Ahern (Chair), Eduardo de Almeida, Rebecca Reynolds, Dan Clinton, Kristan Hanson, Kasia Houlihan, Dan Knox, Andrew Mall, and Adam Shapiro. We are currently working out the technical and conceptual foundations of the project in coordination with the University of Chicago Digital Media Lab and Lec Maj from Humanities Research Computing. Meetings are being held on campus every other week, in which CSMT members and other collaborators discuss how to generate and plot data.

The Media Hyper Atlas website is currently under construction. Please direct questions to Michelle Yacht (ATI Grant Co-ordinator) or Andrew Mall (Technical Supervisor).