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Dan Knox


Dan Knox is currently a 3rd year undergraduate, concentrating in English Language & Literature. Prior to matriculating at U of C, Dan attended Manhattan School of Music for about five minutes, then dropped out to pursue a career in music. Although his true love is jazz guitar, he has performed and recorded with a wide variety of artists, including Murali Coryell, John Abercrombie, Boston piano phenom Mark Shilansky, and the Rock Steady Crew. However, the highlight of his musical life remains an impromptu performance of Shave & a Haircut with Jim Hall in New Milford, CT.

Dan is currently working on the documentary film with other members of CSMT. This project will create a 90-minute documentary film that uses the lack of American press coverage of the Universal Forum of Cultures civil society conference in Barcelona, Spain to discuss the priorities of mainstream American media and its impact on social movements and efforts of international cooperation.

In addition, Dan is interested in exploring the representation of conspiracy and paranoia transmission in the work of Don DeLillo. To that end, he and a fellow CSMT member are currently conspiring to put together a reading course for the fall. Fellow conspirators are encouraged to initiate contact, though we may have to disavow any knowledge of your existence if They discover our covert activities.


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