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Adam Shapiro


Adam Shapiro received his A.B. from Columbia University in Physics, Religion and Creative Writing. Since joining the Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies at the University of Chicago, his interests have spread to more areas of inquiry, including media theory.

He is currently considering research on the historical development of the concept of "information" in the sciences and its consequences in science, philosophy, and media theory. Other research interests, past and present, (the future being eternally unknown) are in the history and philosophy of 19th-21st century physics, the evolving dialogue between "Science" and "Religion," ethics and human rights, philoosphy of science, and philosophy of religion.

Adam has also written, directed, and acted in a number of plays and has had a few of his short stories published. His time is largely consumed with his current roles as a teaching assistant for the "Science, Culture and Society" and "Philosophical Perspectives" sequences at Chicago.


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