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version 2.05
Please direct questions regarding membership guidelines to Andrew Mall, Rebecca Reynolds, or the Steering Committee.

Membership Info Session (version 2.04)
There will be an information session for all students interested (or potentially interested) in membership in The Chicago School of Media Theory on TUESDAY March 9th at 7:00pm in the Film Studies Center, which is to say, the same time and place as your regular course screenings. The session will cover the group’s activities, history, mission, projects (both active projects like the Hypercube and those yet to be set into motion), the expectations for new CSMT members, and the application process. No longer will your questions go unanswered.

The Application
The application consists of a personal statement, not longer than 500 words, describing your engagement with media theory during Prof. Mitchell’s course and what you hope to accomplish/explore/contribute as a CSMT member. For the first section, consider which authors interest you most, consider what you took away from the presentations or the screenings or the discussion board, consider how this course has transformed your outlook on your past studies, etc. Particularly useful would be some assessment of how you have engaged in collective approaches to theory. For the second section, feel free to express your interest in our current projects and activities, suggest new projects, or suggest future readings. If you decide to treat this statement as an experiment in the opacity of language or the hypermediacy of the printed page, be forewarned that you do so at your own risk, as in this (retrograde?) instance the content is the message.

Further Questions
Let’s run through this again for emphasis: For more information about membership in the CSMT, just what the CSMT is, or the application, please (as suggested above) attend our information session during your regular screening time this coming Tuesday. One need not attend to apply, but the session will (we suspect) prove mutually enlightening.

Submitting the Application
The completed application should include in the heading your name, program or department, year, and e-mail, and be submitted in RTF format by midnight of March 22nd to Decisions will be announced during 2nd week of Spring Quarter.

Hope to see many of you on Tuesday,